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Neutral Colours | 4mm, 100m
Neutral Colours | 4mm, 100m
Neutral Colours | 4mm, 100m
3 Ply

Neutral Colours | 4mm, 100m


The creative opportunities are endless with this collection of gorgeous and unique cotton colours. These are the neutral colours within the range - Blackest Black, Grey Ash and White - because sometimes plain colours are all that is needed!

These spools are approximately 100m long and the cord is approx 4mm thick (same as my other 4mm in natural colour if you have ordered off me before). They are 3 ply meaning there is 3 larger strands (made up of about 10 single strands of cotton) that are twisted around each other. This means you can leave them twisted for a thicker look or unwind them leaving a zig zag effect or comb them out to achieve a fringe! SO MANY OPTIONS.

I would recommend the single twist range over this 3ply if you're going to be combing out long sections of fringe. The 3 ply has a tendency to recur if combed out past about 10cm or so.

When you are ordering, please consider how much you need to complete your project as the shades of colour may vary from batch to batch.

The cotton itself and the inner spool are biodegradable so you are looking after your environment :)

I can't wait to see the colourful creations you make!

Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions

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