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My mission is to inspire you to find the creative joy in your life (and then build it into a profitable handmade business, if that's your jam!) 


There’s nothing quite like being curled up at home, rain pitter-pattering on your windows, tea steaming on your side table with your latest creative venture, half completed in your hands. Those feels are what Home Vibes is all about. This business is built on creative play and soul-nourishing experiment - that blissful feeling of flow is at the heart of everything that I do. I aim to make people happier, one crafty project at a time, cos I believe, the more making the merrier!



For as long as I can remember crafting has always run through my veins.


I hold such fond memories as a child, rifling through the craft cupboard with my mum and experimenting with anything from sewing, knitting and crochet to decoupage and folk art.


Inevitably though, there was a creative hiatus while I focused on other areas of my life, schooling, sports and anything else associated with growing up. Then as an adult working full time, and preparing to have a baby, macrame found its way into my life and I quickly became obsessed!!
My mind exploded with so many ideas as I experimented with different knots, materials and designs... I mean, I really did become obsessed! My new-found passion for knotting motivated me to create endlessly (and often late into the night) and to challenge myself with bigger and better designs.


A lack of available macrame resources, however, meant that the evolution of my learning was a slow process of trial and error and lots of failed attempts.


Over time, I developed my own style and techniques, set up a successful Etsy store and built up my made to order range. Macrame was bringing me so much happiness and contentment, so it wasn’t long before I made it my mission to share my love of knotting with others.


I wanted to make the process of learning macrame easier, less frustrating and more satisfying. I wanted to help beginners create something beautiful even if they were just starting out and this led me to create my first wall hanging pattern tutorial in 2016.  


Fast forward a few more years and Home Vibes now hosts a large range of both video and written project tutorials and offers a variety of quality macrame and weaving materials as well as DIY kits which have been part of the macrame experience for thousands of beginners. My work is also hanging in homes all around the world, as well as in cafes, restaurants and shopping centres and has attracted the attention of major publications including Koel, frankie and Vogue magazines. 


The best part about the development of all this, and realistically, the glue that holds this dream together for me is the community that has grown along with it - this is what has inspired me to go on to create a NEW MACRAME CLUB - an educational, inspiring and supportive platform for anyone who is new to the craft, or a seasoned addict – something larger, more satisfying and rewarding than I had ever imagined! 

Looking ahead, I am committed to continuing the support and encouragement for macrame enthusiasts of all abilities through both my established community platforms and an expanded range of tutorials within the MACRAME CLUB. Further to sharing my own designs, I am also creating patterns in collaboration with other artists to celebrate the diversity of talent and skill in the ever-evolving world of fibre art. You can join the club waitlist here:


I am also very excited to announce that I am now extending my support to inspired creatives who would like to upscale their hobby to a profitable business or side hustle.  How I hear you ask? Through my podcast and blog called The Profitable Maker where I share valuable insights and  draw from my own experiences running Home Vibes (as well as interviewing other inspiring and successful makers) to talk about all things handmade business, from marketing and branding advice to tackling self-doubt and fear.  




Some random facts about Krystle  

  • I’m a wannabe vegetarian who loves instant coffee (medium Moccona, milk with half a sugar please) 
  • I’m a tomboy at heart (I feel like a fraud in floral, love soccer and used to ride motorbikes) 
  • I’m a Capricorn and an "INTJ" personality type 
  • I have no musical ability and am in awe of anyone who does (as well as those who can paint or draw realistically) 
  • I’m a leadfoot with impeccable reversing skills 
  • I think shoes are overrated and scary movies are the worst invention ever
  • I very much dislike leaving things unfinished
  • I LOVE singing loudly in the car, long waves, yoga and doing anything creative.
  • I find science, the universe and nature extremely fascinating. 
  • I would really appreciate my own private chef. 
  • I have worked as a pizza maker, physiotherapist, sports trainer, nanny, swimming instructor, waiter, retail assistant and as a stewardess on private luxury yachts.


I would love to know more about you, too!

Thanks for being part of my story.