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Joy, Grace & Harmony

Written by Krystle Linton

Encouraging a healthy headspace in business and life



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  • Are you chasing that elusive perception of ultimate balance?
  • Do you have high expectations of yourself?
  • Do you have trouble switching off?
  • Know that mum guilt feeling all too well?
  • Are you trying to be everything and feel like you’re spinning in circles?

In this episode of the podcast, I would like to introduce you to my three best (imaginary) friends. Grace, Joy and Harmony! Listen in to hear how my three imaginary friends have helped me to discover balance in my life.

I have no secret formula to life but listen in as I speak about adjusting and readjusting in life, accepting allowable weaknesses and giving myself permission for ambition, self-love and finding balance.

Here is some of what we will cover;

00.24: Letting you into this head of mine, where although I don’t have a secret formula for balancing life, I have a few tips to relieve you of the pressure.

02.02: Mum guilt…high expectations? Sound like you? I’m right there with you.

03.00: Meet my 3 imaginary friends. I promise I’m not crazy! They help me switch off, breathe and embrace the changes.

04.42: Scatterbrain? Meditation may be your answer, check out how I incorporate it into my daily routine.

05.17: Meet Grace, your best friend! When you’re disappointed in yourself, and your expectations are tearing you down, she’s there to jump on your couch and remind you just how amazing you are.

07.42: Einstein may have been an absolute genius, but wouldn’t take him as the life of a party. There is such a thing as allowable weaknesses! We can’t all be good at everything.

10.35: Take a moment with me to reflect on what you could give yourself more grace for.

12.58: Meet Joy, she’ll show you a good time! (Confetti included). Stop living in the future, and start living now.

15.16: Not enough time in your day or week? See Joy at work, turning those stressors into gratitude. Drink it up!

17.02: Take a moment to recognize and connect with the joys in your life.

18.02: You’re not the only guilty party of putting yourself at the bottom of the list. Negotiate for a little more me time.

19.45 Ah…Harmony, you stubborn girl. If I could control her I would, but she is the ever-changing depth, colour and excitement of life. You’ve got to let go and see that some things are just out of your control.

22.20: Grab my screensaver for some daily motivation, and remind you of your 3 new friends at play (either save or screenshot it!)


Thanks for listening in. I hope Grace, Joy and Harmony assist you to take on the world your own way.

Until next week……. Be kind to yourself!



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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    Posted by jrbbbyekoj | March 13, 2021
  • It’s like you can read my mind! I’m going to make a cup of tea and take a much needed break….thanks for the validation to do that! Love your podcasts too! I was really feeling lost trying to turn my hobby/side hussle into a profitable macrame business, but with your encouragement, I think I can do it now.

    Posted by Caroline | April 04, 2019
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