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Get Pinning!

Written by Krystle Luvis



It's visually appealing, it's easy and it's got an incredibly long lifespan. I am a huge fan of Pinterest - especially if you're in the handmade market.

I began the Pinterest journey a little while ago and went through some trial and error phases to see if it was worth adding another social media platform to my already way too long to-do list! 

The outcome? - It was worth it. 

It's an online catalogue that takes you straight to the source - completely free to use and honestly a whole lot more simple than you may think.

So today we're gonna chat about how you can utilize Pinterest to gain traffic and benefit your biz! 


01.21: Here’s why you should be using Pinterest as a marketing tool like…yesterday! 

05.06: Long live your Pin! But seriously…the lifespan on your pin is by far the longest of all social media (correct me if I’m wrong). And this, my friends, is a HUGE advantage to your business. 

07.17: Personal vs. Business account - which one should you go with?

09.14: How to gauge the traffic your pins are getting through your Etsy store.

11.40: I was relatively new to Pinterest, and have spent the past couple of months playing around with different strategies to see if it was beneficial to my time - Here’s what I took away from my experiment…

12.30: The foundation: Creating a board around your product and why you should be adding other products too. 

16.30: How to share a pin from Instagram.

17.24: How to create a pin from any website.

17.46: Installing the Pinterest button (the most efficient way). 

19.22: How to increase your traffic by creating graphics that are Pinterest specific - I love Canva!

22.41: Consistency is key! How many times should you be pinning?


If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the info, you can always set up your account, and come back to this podcast a little later. Take it step-by-step and it really could be a powerful tool for your handmade biz. 

Happy Pinning! 

Krystle x


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