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Packing And Posting

Written by Krystle Luvis


If you're just starting out and you're wanting to find out how to send safe, effective and low-cost packaging - this one is for you.



When I started my business, I got all my packaging from my husband's store! Yup - I would recycle those box's, cut them to size, tape them up myself and you know what? My customers loved it! - Was is time efficient, mmmm not really. 

It wasn't fancy, it wasn't over the top in the slightest, but the orders kept rolling in so I was doing something right!

If you're looking into creating a premium brand, then perhaps that wouldn't be the method that you use.

So today we're unpacking (excuse the pun) methods that will help guide you on your brands packing and posting needs.  


1.00: Your packaging will depend on what you’re making. Here are some ideas!

02.22: Let’s talk numbers! Bulk buying vs handmade packaging and how I started my business by recycling.

06.12: What’s your space occupier? Here are your options…

08.12: Business cards, stickers, wrapping - it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Put down that stress cap! The beauty’s in the extra love.

12.09: Got a packing station? Let’s get efficient. 

13.18: Packaging = time and money. Don’t chuck it away with your shipping rates!!!

16.39: Overcoming the big, “Overseas Shipping” hurdle.

19.12: “Okay Krystle, so what about a national vs specific courier?” Well...I compare these to home loans.

23.12: The big debate! To ship free or not to ship free? - It’s just a gimmick that may be to your advantage. 


I hope it’s been helpful for everyone new to selling. It’s been SO good to watch you take the leap in starting your own business and I hope this episode has made it that - little bit - easier. 

And if you haven't already don't forget to download my FREEBIES!


Krystle x


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