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Guilt And Resistance

Written by Krystle Luvis


This one goes out to all the mums and anyone else out there feeling guilty about doing the things they want to do or building the things they want to build.



This has been a HUGE hurdle for me to overcome in the past few years.

I have always been maternal - even as a kid I'd envision myself as a mum, and this followed through into my twenties until finally, I actually became one. 

But I had created this 'ideal Krystle' mum who would be the very BEST mother and be so completely fulfilled with motherhood, that she wouldn't need anything else in my life to keep her contented. 

Ermmm.... you can imagine how this goes down right? 

Just because I became a mother, the Krystle who had been me for my whole life didn't vanish...

I began subconsciously feeling guilty about wanting things that weren't directly involved in nurturing my child. What I had perceived to be this awful truth, this selfish 'truth' about myself, I projected onto the people around me. All of a sudden I felt judged by my own mum and husband because I wasn't living up to this 'ideal Krystle' mum that I was meant to be (but it was all in my head!).

If you've ever felt guilt surrounding your ambitions - then listen up, because I've got some first-hand experience with these nasty thoughts that are helping NOBODY! 


01.25: Whether you feel like you can't work on something as a direct cost to a relationship or you feel as though theirs a limited capacity to doing both - there's a way out. 

04.12: Holding yourself accountable to a perceived reality you made up years before? You're not the only one. 

08.08: Chipping away at the layers of your own expectations and the what 'advice' others bring to the table...

12.07: Are you self sabotaging? 

14.05: Is it actually an opinion or is it your perceived opinion - and how to distinguish the truth from an illusion. 

17.13: Give yourself time, grace and space to think about this as my challenge to you! 

20.03: Your yearning or want won't just go let's find a way to include it in your life. 

24.37: Do you feel like you're being supported? And if not...then as difficult as it is to come to terms with; maybe it's you!

31.30: Are you quick to jump on the defence? Me too! My poor mother-in-law...


So my last question to you is, how much do you respect your own internal decisions and trust that you're making the correct path for yourself? If that is minimal then you’re gonna be pulled left and right like a rag doll because there will always be someone out there that thinks differently.

Sit with it and make peace with it, and realise you’re on your own path to figure out what’s best for you. 

I love hearing from you! So let me know how this episode resonated with you!

 Krystle x


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