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Improving Your Imagery

Written by Krystle Linton



Lets face it, your photos can make or break the sale. First impressions last and your pictures are painting a thousand words whether you like it or not... what are they saying about your business? 

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Lets dive in:

0.37: Want to connect with me? Here are some of the places that you can catch chew my ear off. 

 0.50: Pimping up your photos! This is why your product images are so important.

 03.35: Understanding your brand aesthetic and how to maximize the appeal.

 04.55: The power of experimenting.

 06.48: Some tough love on why you need to up your game like…yesterday!

 09.44: No budget? No problem!

 11.00: 3 Pillars of “Oh yes!” photography.

 12.00: Lighting: Mistake to avoid, using your surroundings and the best time of day to shoot.

 15.38: Styling: Telling your story through visuals and super tips on the most important necessities.

 18.34: Editing for that extra sparkle! Which features are important and budget-friendly apps that will add pizzazz to your photos.

 21.45: Scheduling your shoot.

 25.14: Creating your visual message. 

 27.38: Doing all this already? This is how you can further up your game.



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