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Intentional Instagram

Written by Krystle Linton




Let's all be real for a minute...

Instagram is pretty awesome but MAN, sometimes it can be distracting, overwhelming, frustrating and perplexing!


It can be a love/hate relationship and when you’re running a business it’s so important to have a soild game plan so you don’t waste oodles of time doing things that ultimately, don’t covert to sales.

There is no doubt Instagram is such a powerful marketing tool but it can be a massive drain on time, energy and confidence… if you let it!


In this episode of the podcast I am exploring ways of becoming intentional about how you spend your time on the app and dive into areas such as;

  • Building genuine relationships
  • Deciding who are you as a business and who are you talking to
  • Ways to nurturing your loyal followers rather than forcing commitment in every post
  • Content ideas to hook your audience and achieve maximum engagement 
  • Strategies to build your following

Sound like your cup of tea? Listen to Intentional Instagram Episode above (or on your Podcast app) and to get even more out of the episode download the "Insta Insights" support worksheet here

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Thanks for listening in and I hope you get something valuable out of this episode!


PS: If you feel uncomfortable marketing online, have trouble setting your prices or feel guilty about making money from your passion, next weeks episode is for you, girl!


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  • I loved this episode and found it very helpful as I am still very early in my macrame journey. The worksheet links you have provided do not work. Do you have another way for us to access these?

    Posted by Ellie | January 15, 2023
  • Thank you! :)

    Posted by Melanie Grace | March 08, 2019
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