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Celina from Wild & Feather

Written by Krystle Linton




Fears, struggles, wearing all the hats, self-care, growth-killers and golden nuggets of wisdom.....

In this podcast episode, we cover it all!

Say hello to the first guest of The Profitable Maker Podcast,
Celina from Wild & Feather!



Some key take away's from this episode include:

  • Settle into your own creative pull, this is what will sustain you and keep you moving forward with your business.
  • Know that EVERYONE doubts themselves - it's about finding the balance and being able to use it to keep growing.
  • Create a schedule to keep on task (heck if Celina needs one being able to work full time on her biz, I think we could all use one!)
  • Try to tap out of social media and spend time doing things that give back to you!

You are exactly where you need to be. Give yourself credit for everything you have achieved already.

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