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Is Comparison Mode Dragging You Down?

Written by Krystle Luvis


Your competition has just created the coolest, most innovative idea... It's so amazing that you begin contemplating if you're in the right industry because surely if you were good enough you would have beat them to the punch right?




I've touched on this topic in my first episode, You're Not Alone where I talk about the comparison glare. So many of you reached out and told me what an impact it made on you and validated how you were feeling. (This is literally what I live to do!)

So I've decided to elaborate on this because I've got some new insights into it, and sharing this with you means that you get to hear it from someone else, which releases the hold that it has on you in one way or another.  

Before we get started with the episode I want you to keep this in mind: There's your subconscious brain, your conscious brain and you....stay with me.

You are stuck in the middle of these two which are on complete opposite spectrums and you are not your thoughts...I'll repeat that.

You are not your thoughts...

In no way, shape or form do those negative feelings contribute to your success.

So if you're feeling inferior, jealous, demotivated on any other yucky negative emotion listen up, because we're about to face it head-on. 


02.45: If you don’t get that sinking feeling in your stomach, or get affected by other people succeeding in your space, then kudos to you, but for those of you who are often deflated, it's important to sift through those emotions otherwise you'll stunt your own progress. 

04.12: Those negative feelings that just sit there (as long as you let them), will bring your business down if you don't act on it.

05.43: Heard of your reptilian brain? Yep, it's a thing! It's the oldest part of your brain which sends you running at any sign of threat. Ps: It can't distinguish a real threat from a fake one.  

09.01: Operating from a negative space? Why it'll chew you up...

10.56: What do you want? Don't allow your thoughts to deflate and snuff out your potential. 

13.30: How we reframe that negative experience into something that is going to help us move forward. 

18:30: Pain, fear and threats are a real and significant experience! But you have the control to rewire your brain. 

22.22: 3 methods to retrain your brain. Starting small, but staying consistent. 

30.47: My struggles as a business owner and a mother, and how I've pushed past that. 


So these aren't exactly Etsy tactics here, but the space that you allow yourself to operate from can be so powerful any direction -  I believe that you can't have a happy and successful business unless you are happy within. 

hope you've found some insights that spark a new way of thinking! 

Krystle x



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