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Janis from UnfetteredCo

Written by Krystle Linton




If you’re growing your business, YOU are also learning at warp speed. Things are changing and evolving always and none of us really expected to be here!

Whether you’re already feeling confident in your creations and seeing consistent orders within your business or you feel like those goals are still far in the distance, this chat with Janis is going to get you thinking!

An incredibly inspiring and insightful lady... Here are some of the things we cover; (PS let me know in the comments below if you like this timestamps layout!)

01.40: Janis shares her backstory – how she was born into creativity, lost it and years later rekindled the passion that had been laying dormant for years.

07.20: What Janis did before macrame and how she said, "no more".

10.07: “A crafty career is not something we’re pushed into” – how to take the leap.

13.14: See where Janis finds the inspiration for her amazing 3D, soft sculptural pieces.

16.33: The power of continuously learning, improving your skills, finding your niche and pushing your boundaries.

19.10: Creator vs. Consumer

20.46: How to balance the "pleasure of invention" versus creating profitable items.

25.50: Developing your own voice as an artist and allowing yourself to learn. Touching on copyright law - what's the dish?

35.48: "I’ll show you!" The attitude to shift you from trend trailing creations to crafting original pieces.

38.45: Know you’re crap at something? Accept it for authenticity’s sake! - Playing to your strengths and manipulating your weaknesses.

43.21: The mind shift from newbie days to the journey as a teacher.

45.53: Fan girl moment! Etsy as a leading frontier for the artist’s sales and how it’s shaped Janis’s business.

57.03: Advice from an upstanding lady in the macrame biz.

01.00.18: Keep expanding! Find out what’s the next big step for Janis.

 This episode cannot be missed 🙌🏽


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  • Hi Krystle!
    Thank you so much for this awesome podcast you got! I’m a bit sad to see that you’re not making any new episodes, but I will listen to them all now! :) I’ve just started in 2020 my own macrame journey, started a blog and thinking of a podcast too! Maybe I’ll carry on from where you left off? :) Thank you again, this was a jem. 💛

    Posted by Tuija | March 28, 2021
  • This was a delight. As an amateur maker with a busy day job, I am not pursuing a career, but i am fascinated by the courage and creativity of those who do. This was an excellent and wide-ranging interview, lots of joy and lots of good thinking. thank you.

    Posted by Marni Stanley | March 16, 2021
  • This was awesome! Janis is an amazing artist as well as a very productive and conscientious etsy seller who we all admire! she has great customer service skills too and this interview helped me see and hear her as a real person and a very real artist! Thanks for this.

    Posted by Sue Taylor-Davidson | December 05, 2020
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