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Overcoming Customer Service Challenges

Written by Krystle Luvis



Okay, so if you haven't yet had to deal with an unhappy and potentially demanding customer than it's either one of two things:

1. You're a genius, so spill! 

2. You haven't yet sold many things.

3. You're sacrificing yourself endlessly in order to please your customers. 



Customers are the crux of our business and without them, we wouldn't have one (obviously!). In saying that though, some complaints/demands are over the top, and if you're bending over backwards in order to prevent one bad review, then I've got some tough love coming your way today.

I've got 3 juicy stories to share that involve crossing a desert, a girls night ruined and learning to put my big girl pants on!

I'm sharing exactly how I move forward with compassion and come to a solution without getting too emotionally attached (is this emotional attachment becoming a theme here? I think it may be....)

Our initial instinct is to go over and above because we see our business as our baby and we want to please everyone that shows an interest in it/us... However, as I've said before, we must teach others how to treat us and if you are trying to please everyone, you'll likely end up pleasing no one (or eventually everyone but yourself!!). 

YOU are your businesses finest asset - let's make sure we don't forget that.


01.02: If I received a customer complaint three years ago…I would be a total wreck! Just because I’ve been around the business block a few times, it’s still something I need to deal with.

02.47: Have a raging customer or two? Customer service goes both ways. Their response is totally out of your control. No-one is really the bad guy, not you nor the customer (most times). You’re just stuck in a service battle and you gotta realize that you’re the leader!

07.31: “Customers are always right.” Heard that one? Well, I’m coining a new phrase “Customers are always right....only in their response or feelings”. Sometimes we can forget that they’re real humans - especially if you're completely online. So it’s your job to put the emotions aside and move towards a solution without losing your self-respect. 

11.13: Grumpy them or grumpy you! How much you need to allow your customers to dictate your policies, products and services…let’s make sure you’re not putting everything on the line just to please them. 

14.03: The story of that one time I ruined, Girls Night. “Lady I’m sorry I ruined a girls night that I didn’t even know I was invited to!” (She didn’t get her pattern in time). Pretty certain that wasn't my fault. 

Long story short, I defused the bomb. Here’s how…

19.51: The second story includes some Wool Roving travelling through deserts, past no man's land and perhaps took a little too long to reach my customer. There was a rapid escalation and a rapid (de-escalation?). Another issue resolved, and a little incentive thrown in. 

25.41: Are you at fault? It’s cool…I’ve been there a few times myself. Although we don’t want to give them a whole arm, the customers are your business. These are some ways to avoid negative reviews.

27.19: And for the last story, well, I was asked for a refund on a digital product that was bought and downloaded. Um…definitely not! Why you should never refund on willy-nilly’s! 

29.18: Don’t be scared about the effect that one person can have on your business…BUT… if you’re constantly getting complaints, they’re sending you a message and here’s how you can grow from being bashed down. 

30.13: My rules of a ‘Made To Order’ product - We get super upfront about every detail the customer needs to know beforehand and how to avoid loss of revenue and long hours lost. 

33.41: You’re one of two types of people. A bender over-er or a hard-arse. How to get you in between that sandwich.


We all need to learn how to throw a bucket on the flames before our entire business goes up in smoke - and still keep our heads held high! 

Krystle x


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  • You seriously need to rethink about customer service. Thank god I didn’t buy anything from you!

    Posted by Skye | May 21, 2019
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