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Screentime got you Scrambled?

Written by Krystle Linton




Some days do you wonder where the hours have gone?


It's like looking at your watch but forgetting to check the time...

You reflexively unlock your phone and next minute, half an hour has been and gone. If you're anything like me, you know what I'm talking about!

It goes without saying that we all love a bit of a social media scroll, and we want to be available and visible online... but

  • Do you feel like you're always chasing your tail?
  • Do you jump on your phone to do one thing and then get lost down rabbit holes?
  • Does your phone constantly distract you or drain your energy?
  • Do you feel scrambled rather than focused?

Too much screen time can contribute to all of the above... In this episode of the podcast, we will discuss the impact digital addiction can have on your valuable time and business productivity and how we can turn screen time into a positive.

Listen in to hear how I have had to assess and reassess my own time management over the years to better support my business/family life balance. Let’s look at some tips on reducing screen time or at least making it more productive.

Maintaining focus and getting the most out of your time is critical to building your successful business. So the big question is…. Who’s in control of your time?

If you don't even go to the bathroom without scrolling, then listen in now! 

I also wanted to share this video of Andy from Headspace talking about mindfulness and meditation. The headspace app is a great way to build mindfulness into your life each and every day.

 PS. Have you downloaded the free cheatsheets from the previous episodes? If not, grab them HERE

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