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Feeling Frustrated with Progress?

Written by Krystle Luvis



Ok, so you've got some wild dreams and aspirations, but it feels like they are taking their sweet ass time, right?

I get it, the frustration is REAL! 

Waaaaa, why can't I have it all now already?! 😩 (that's me wingeing, not you... or maybe you can relate?)

I hear you. You want evidence that you are going to get to your dream, but what happens to now? What happens when you've got an add-on to that dream? Most people that reach their goals don't even realize they've reached them because they're onto the next best thing. 

The space within that you’re working from will dictate your future. There’s always going to be something more. So if you can’t reframe it now…then when will you?

This weeks episode is an extension of the last week's episode - Comparison Mode - we're digging a little deeper into this negative space we're unintentionally putting ourselves in.



02.18: You’re seeing the potential in a handmade business (happy dance)! I want you to build and grow and much as you do, but hold those reigns - Don’t lose out on the magic which is the process.

 03.12: Tired of hearing the word hustle? Me too! Prioritizing your mental health before your biz…

 05.08: You may have the law of attraction upside down! 

 08.07: You, yourself are 100% perfect right now. Bask in it. Embrace it.

 10.04: There will always be mountains to move. So if you’re not happy until the outcome, then does that mean you’ll delay happiness until you die? The power is in realizing that you’ve got a chose right now!

 12.23: “Agh, I’m not even close to my goals / When will I be happy? / When is the money gonna start rolling in?” 

Yes, I know that internal dialogue, but man it’s time to shift those gears because you’re not doing yourself any favours. 

15.13: There are only 3 possible answers to your questions: 

a) Yes.

b) Not Yet.  

c) I've got something bigger in store for you. 

18.28: Stop trying to figure out the rules of the game! That's no fun...

21.17: Summarizing these words of wisdom! This is some powerful s*!t


We can want things that we don’t have now, that's totally okay, it's how we grow BUT we don’t need them right now to be happy and whole.

If we’re feeling forward with any negative heavy feelings or trying to force it, it’s because we’re moving away from being happy now and being present.

Be who you are in the moment, and if you can master that, there’s going to be less  room for heaviness and need and more room for alllll the good stuff 🙌🏽

Krystle x


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