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Let's Talk About Copying

Written by Krystle Luvis


This has been a long awaited podcast... I gather it's because you're feeling extremely nervous about either a) having your work copied, or b) copying someone else's...




This is as grey as a grey area can be!

If you're banging out some pretty trendy macrame pieces, then it's probably going to look super similar to someone else's. There's only so many knots and types of cord we can use, right? There is a point when everything starts to blend in and become part of this "general pool" of macrame. 

Today we chat about the emotional attachment behind copying/being copied, and what's the best route for you in order not to get in over your head with the fear of being copied or accidentally copying someone else. The key thing to remember is, that if you're working from your own creativity, it's yours! 

Let's get into the juicy details.

1.56: Someones copying your work, and rightfully so, it’s pissing you off. It happens in every industry, and it’s not leaving anytime soon, so let's try to get past the looming emotional attachment!

02.47: Laws, rules and regulations on novel pieces (without all the confusing legalese), and how it is automatically applied as soon as you’ve created it. Yippee!

06.06: The social media grey space and how the temptation to copy is stronger in the handmade society because of it.  

08.31: I often try and avoid telling you all that I got lucky with the timing of my business (I think its because it discounts the solid hard work I have put in over the years), but here’s how to keep on exploring your creativity without the outside influence. 

09.33: Scared you’re going to be judged on a piece you’re 99.9% sure you haven’t copied?… don't worry! 

11.48: There’s a massive difference between copying and something being similar. I’ve touch on it on the interview with Janis from Unfettered Co. 

14.03: Put down the phone Susan!!! The less time you spend looking at others, the more you have time for experimenting. 

15.22: If something is super unique, like Janis’s boobs…no one could copy it because it just wouldn’t work!

16.30: I know you don’t copy, because you’re committed to creating a business, but if you’re inclined, then why? Let's get you away from that icky self-doubt.

17.22: Fearful of being copied? Just adopt the “Back off, it’s mine,” attitude. Let’s scream it from the rooftops (not at them) but to make your audience know it’s yours through these methods…

23.57: Are you copying? It’s okay when you’re experimenting and learning, but girl…. don't sell it as your own. 

26.24 Adulting! Giving them the benefit of the doubt and how to handle it through negotiation. 

31.64: Worried about the competition on Insta? Here’s a little challenge…


We are probably all going to have our pieces copied at some point...there's a shop on Etsy at the moment that is selling my designs! But (sigh) I don't make them anymore!

Hopefully this has cleared the fog somewhat - Keep an ear out for the episode about the all the super legal stuff! 

For now, go forth and create!

Krystle x


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  • Love you podcasts, very informative and inspiring.
    Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Kim | May 15, 2019
  • For all the folks out there this person is extremely overpriced with macrame cord. You can also find better macrame tutorials online without paying fortune.

    Posted by Skye | May 13, 2019
  • Get over yourself

    Posted by Skye | May 13, 2019
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