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Offline Methods to Sell Your Handmade Stuff

Written by Krystle Luvis


So you're ready to start (or grow) your handmade business! Yay! 

One of the first questions that pop into your head is "How can I actually sell this stuff?"


There are two ways. Either offline or online. That simple?...not exactly. I've broken this podcast up into two sections and today I'm talking about offline methods. You can catch all the info re the online methods in the podcast next week! 

So here it is! 3 ways in which to make your sales offline. 

01.16: Shoutouts for the reviews on iTunes! Come have a look and see if you’re up there. 

03.05: You’re just starting out your business, and you need those sales! We’re going to look at the different ways in which you can get your stuff out there and how it fits into your plan. 

04.30: I sound like a broken record…Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone, it’s where dreams go to die. 

05.14: Let's talk about the Facebook Marketplace. It's a great place to start, but not a great place to stay, and here’s why.

08.26: Introducing the three best offline methods. 

08.49: One: Markets…it’s a popular choice for sure, a great way to meet people, but the cons are…

12.04: “I’m just starting out, I don’t need to get all crazy about hourly rates and sums, Krystle!!!” Ahhhh yes you do! 

14.43: Summarizing the Market as an offline method. 

15.44: Two: Wholesale…get back to that math! It can be a calculating situation. 

17.22: Downsides of wholesale. 

20.00: Three: Consignment - Giving your work for free (for a period of time), but get some great exposure in return. 

21.45: Here are some tips if you’re relying on consignment as an income. 

24.35: Gut instincts! Warning signs that they’ll take your product and leave you with nothing. 

25.58: Don’t sell to friends and families! It’s not sustainable and is very tricky to navigate! Listen to my Making Happy Money podcast on why. 

27.37: Freebie alert! Let's get free stuff! 

Don't forget to tune in for next weeks podcast! I highly suggest you weigh the pros and cons of both and see which one best suits you. 

In the meantime, happy making!

Krystle x


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