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Why I Hit The Proverbial Wall and How I Have Moved Through It

Written by Krystle Luvis



Everything is running smoothly. You have a systematic schedule and finally you’re walking with the strut of a successful businesswoman or man (even if only from the computer to the fridge)...and run into a wall that you could swear wasn't there a second ago. 

So what is this "proverbial wall"? I envision it as one giant wall that everyone hits at some point in their lives, and then most likely over and over again because...well...we're only human I guess and we can be slow learners, especially when the learning requires going inward. The wall doesn’t move until you learn the lesson it was intended to teach you... and if I’m honest I’ve seen glimpses of this wall for a long time coming.

Here are some individuals who have bared witness to this great wall. 


"Something that stops you dead in your tracks, a block of some kind."

"It is seeing the finish line while yet unable to attain to it, even if the ways and means seem attainable."

"That place where you think you can go no further, either through exhaustion or loss of perseverance. I.e. on a 10-mile run and you get to mile 8 and can't go any further; you've hit a wall."



Let's have a conversation. I'm pretty certain I rammed right through that wall, because who has the time to climb it right?

 00.20: Come and have a seat in my hammock! Just you, me and Kombucha! I know you don’t just listen to my podcasts to hear my voice (if you do then that’s okay too) but I’ve got some serious insights that you can take away from my momentary face-plant to wall kind of week. 

01.50: I’d become a workaholic! (I say this in the past tense because I’m making a conscious effort to change that). I was stressed through the roof and you know doesn’t only affect me but those around me too.

03.00: It’s time to identify with yourself! Workaholism isn’t a badge of honour if it’s ALL THAT YOU DO!

06.45: You don’t have to work all the time just because you can! It might just be counterintuitive. 

07.28: Ignoring myself and my needs. Negative self-talk and laughing at not being able to stand by what I’ve told you in the Grace, Joy and Harmony episode.

09.49: I cried! And then reflected. Some ways to help you step back and listen to that inner voice that’s really far down, super deep, the one you’re locking in a dark room and willing to stay quiet, but actually need to hear.

11.33: Does this sound like your process?

Do more things to have what you want to have to become the person you want to be.

Let’s flip it!

Be who you want to be, to have what you want to have in order to do what you want to do.

13.23: 3 Years back and a newbie to the handmade business Krystle, would have some grand words to say to (fast forward to 2019) Krystle because she always kept her driving force in mind.

13.54: Eliminating the notion that time is your limitation.

16.14: There is a reason you’re doing what you’re doing, and that purpose is impossible to keep in mind when you’re jam-packing your days.  

18.34: Here’s the major life lesson I needed to learn and getting on the other side by digging deeper and reconnecting with myself. And a little a Vava-Voom idea for my business that sprung up from it.

22.20: Here’s your challenge! Let's get rid of the fear and I’ll personally be liable for you taking a little bit of time today for some self-reflection.  

28.24: The interesting paradox of life. We actually have all control and no control.

29.14: Need to switch off? Binaural beats are boosting my productivity.


I really hope that sharing my experiences are somewhat helpful for you. See you next week!

(The new) Krystle X


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