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Online Methods to Sell Your Handmade Stuff

Written by Krystle Luvis



If you are just starting your selling journey if your beautiful handmade goods are gathering dust because you are struggling to sell that at markets, OR if you are wondering if you're on the right track... This episode is for you! 



The online world can be a big, scary place - but not if you know how to use it to your advantage. 

If you want to catch up on ways to sell offline, then listen to the 3 Offline Methods episode.

But today we're talking online! So here goes 3 ways to make your sales on the world wide webs... 

00.18: The amazing thing about selling your products online is that it’s just so accessible! If you’re looking for more exposure than this is your ticket! 

01.18: Yeeeew, thank you for all the support! It keeps me thriving. Here are this weeks shoutouts. 

02.12: 3 Methods to the Online Madness. We're exploring Social Media, your own Website and an Online Market Place

03.18: Social Media: You are one fish in that massive ocean, but that massive ocean will bring you some loyal fish. 

06.40: People want to be entertained on social media, not really buy, and here’s why. 

10.00: How to make the most of Instagram...if you want more here, listen to my Intentional Instagram episode! 

13.08: Website vs. Etsy, why you may be limiting yourself based on where you’re selling. Part of the big Etsy debate? Well, let's get you on the right track then…I recommend listening to my episode with Janis from UnfetteredCo for an awesome success story. 

15.03: Website: We get techy! Things can get intense on this side, so if you’re scared about things like domains, web hosting, SEO, google analytics, custom URL and already you no longer want to read this paragraph, then maybe you should hang back. Unless you have the sweet nerdy skills down. 

20.52: Here are the pros to having a website in your back pocket. 

21.49: MY BIG SECRET! It might not be a secret, but I’m calling it that. Here’s what I did for the majority of my business, and why it's been the best of both worlds. 

23.39: Online Market Place: Lets talk Etsy! I love Etsy, she’s like the friend with a bad reputation who is completely misjudged I might add. 

Always remember...Where there is competition there is a market! 

27.53: Fees, fees, fee!!! You cannot avoid necessary costs, it’s all about your strategy. You can’t bake a cake without the ingredients. 

32.53: Summary of the 3 methods: Social media, great, but you shouldn’t use that as your sole selling place. A Website, super professional, but where is that traffic coming from? And good ol’ Etsy, I’m not trying to toot her horn, but I’m SO tooting that horn! 

34.20: Come and get me! I’m offering one-on-one coaching, so if you’re feeling a little stuck, and there’s a little voice telling you to get some advice, pop me an email - or click the contact tab below.

As always, happy making!  

Krystle x

PS keep your eyes peeled for next weeks episode on COPYING! 



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